“Since the formation of the PFRA, we have had little or no problem with fundraisers exceeding their authority.”

Peter Filmer
Manager Community Events,
Blacktown City Council

Best Practice Standards

Fundraisers representing PFRA members must comply with a minimum standard of behaviour. The PFRA can tailor the rules for members in a way that best balances the requirements of a local community with the ability of charities to raise funds to deliver services.

Resolving Issues

Local councils and businesses may need to report issues about face-to-face fundraising. The PFRA can investigate and assist in resolving issues rapidly and effectively. We can quickly share any information or concerns with all member charities and fundraising agencies.

Quality Assurance

We have a comprehensive quality assurance program which includes site visits, mystery shopping, compliance checks and fundraiser training. This is designed to identify and address issues before they develop into major concerns.


The role of the PFRA is to make sure that the right balance is maintained between the duty of charities to ask for donations and the right of the public to experience high standards of behaviour from our members’ fundraisers.

Through consultation with our members, we have developed the PFRA Standard which is a set of rules that define how a face-to-face fundraiser should behave when talking to the public.

The PFRA is actively checking that fundraisers comply with the Standard through a quality assurance program, and enforcing the Standard through a penalty, sanctions and remediation regime.

Any breach of the PFRA Standard can be reported to the PFRA for investigation. If you believe that a breach has occurred, please get in touch by using the link below.

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What you can expect from a PFRA member fundraiser:


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