Who we are

The PFRA is a charity-led, membership-based association. Members include charities that benefit from face-to-face fundraising, and the professional fundraising agencies that support charities in this work. The PFRA is funded by member fees.

The PFRA is governed by a Board elected by members and our work is carried out by a staff team based in locations across Australia.

The role of the PFRA is to make sure that the right balance is maintained between the duty of charities to ask for donations and the right of the public to experience high standards of behaviour from our members’ fundraisers.

How we regulate

The PFRA Standard is a set of rules that define how a face-to-face fundraiser should behave. All face-to-face fundraisers engaged by PFRA member charities and fundraising agencies must comply with the PFRA Standard.

To monitor compliance, the PFRA has developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance program that includes site visits, mystery shopping, and fundraiser training. This is designed to track fundraiser behaviour across Australia, enabling the PFRA to identify and address issues before they develop into major concerns.

Download the PFRA Standard

Face-to-face fundraising

Face-to-face fundraising is one of a number of methods used by charities across Australia to generate funding. Nearly all fundraising requires an upfront investment by the charity and face-to-face is one of the most efficient forms of fundraising.

A representative of a charity engages with a member of the public in a street, at their front door or in a shopping centre, provides information about the charity and the work they do, and asks whether they would like to become a regular donor to the charity.

This method of fundraising provides charities with significant funding that allows them to carry out vital services for local communities and to help solve some of the greatest global issues.

Professional Fundraisers

Nearly all face-to-face fundraisers are paid for their work; this allows charities to engage representatives who have the right skills and long-term availability needed for this work.


Regular Donations

Most donations are made on a monthly basis by direct debit from a bank account or credit card.

Local, National, Global

Those charities using face-to-face fundraising include charities that deliver local, national and international services.

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