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Information for Councils

The support of local authorities is essential for face to face fundraising. Without this support, charities would not be able to engage with the public and ask for donations.

Local authorities play a vital and generous role in facilitating face to face fundraising. The PFRA works with local authorities to establish management plans that balance sustainable fundraising with the needs of the local community.

A local authority might consider working with the PFRA to devise a Site Management Agreement if:

  • they have regular visits from face to face fundraisers across one or more different locations;
  • they want to exercise greater control over how, where and when fundraisers are present;
  • they are looking for a one-stop shop for enforcing best practice public engagement programs and responding to concerns and issues about face to face fundraising.

If you work for a local authority and would like to find out more about how the PFRA could support your regulation of fundraising, please get in touch with the PFRA to discuss how we can assist.

“Since the formation of your group we have had little or no problem with groups exceeding their authority.” – Peter Filmer, Manager Community Events, Blacktown City Council