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Door to Door Fundraising

Door to Door Fundraising Rules and Permitted Hours

The PFRA's self-regulation Standard also covers door to door fundraising where a fundraiser is seeking a regular donation.

It is important to note that fundraising for donations is not covered by the Australian Consumer Law. This means that the hours that fundraisers are permitted to call at a residential address may differ from those set for commercial tradespeople by the Australian Consumer Law.

Permitted door to door fundraising hours vary from state to state - please check the legislation applicable for each state or territory if you would like more information.

Where there are no specified hours under the relevant state or territory legislation, the PFRA recommends that members abide by the hours listed in the PFRA Standard.

Do Not Knock

Do not knock stickers do not strictly apply to charitable fundraisers. However, a fundraiser must leave your property as soon as you request them to. For more information please visit the ACCC website: